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IBD ACADEMY : The best private school for customizable esthetic courses and high-quality learning in Ottawa.

IBD ACADEMY: the best private school and successful establishment for customized aesthetic courses, advanced esthetics techniques and high-quality learning in Ottawa.

IBD ACADEMY supports you in your journey of aesthetic care training by offering complementary courses, fundamentals of skin care, current trends, esthetics trends, skin physiology, and esthetic services that will enable you to develop essential and practical skills and acquire the necessary knowledge to stand out as an aesthetician.

The training sessions and workshops are conducted by professionals in their field so that you learn the most effective and efficient techniques in the market, skin conditions, skin analysis, and esthetic industry. You will learn to use specialized esthetic products, correct procedures, understand safety regulations in aesthetics, and refine your execution of treatments.

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Enhance Your Professional Skills with the #1 Esthetician Training Courses in Oattawa. Unlock industry-leading techniques and expertise to excel in the beauty field.

The ability to provide caring and professional advice to clients

Customer service and the ability to establish interpersonal relationships in a professional context

Execution of administrative tasks for a healthcare business

Active listening


To pursue a career as an esthetician and offer aesthetic treatments, you need to develop not only technical skills but also personal and professional competencies as mentioned above.

You will also need to stay updated by attending advanced training courses to keep up with the evolving field and ensure you always provide the best beauty treatments to your clientele. You should take an interest in trends in aesthetic treatments as well as cosmetic products.

Professional esthetics training : How to become an esthetician?

Do you aspire to pursue a career in esthetics industry and work in beauty salons or set up your own esthetics business ? It’s a vast esthetics field ! From facials to waxing, you’ll have the opportunity to offer a wide variety of treatments (Makeup application, hair removal, skin type, chemical peels, facial techniques..)!

However, to do so, you’ll need to master a wide range of advanced esthetics techniques and, most importantly, have knowledge of cosmetic products, facial techniques and esthetics trends as well as the basics regarding the health of your future real clients, such as hygiene and safety regulations! The first step is, obviously, to look into the aesthetics training programs available.

Wellness center, esthetics school - college courses

The training programs may vary, but they are important to ensure you have the essential skill and knowledge necessary to practice your profession safely. The diploma also serves as a mark of credibility.

You can start by completing a vocational diploma in esthetics at a professional training center or by enrolling in a comprehensive government-accredited program. Professional studies will be available to you after completing secondary education.

Once you have your diploma, it is advisable to continue your education by attending various specialized workshops, such as those offered by IBD Academy.

Importance of esthetician courses

Esthetician courses play a crucial role in the beauty and skincare and esthetics industry for several reasons:

1. Professional Training

Esthetician courses provide comprehensive training on skincare techniques and skin care products, including chemical peels, esthetics trends, facial treatments, waxing, makeup application, nail art, body hair removal, hair removal techniques and more. This professional training ensures that estheticians have the necessary interpersonal skills and knowledge to perform services effectively and safely.

2. Understanding Skin Anatomy and Physiology

Esthetician courses teach students about the anatomy and physiology of the skin, including different skin types, health of skin, advanced skin analysis, common skin conditions, and fundamentals of skin care and how various products and treatments interact with the skin. This understanding is essential for providing personalized skincare recommendations and treatments to clients.

3. Safety and Sanitation Practices

Esthetician courses emphasize the importance of safety and sanitation in the skincare industry. Students learn proper hygiene practices, disinfection protocols, and how to prevent the spread of infections in a spa or salon setting, ensuring the well-being of both clients and practitioners.

4. Product Knowledge

Estheticians need to have a thorough understanding of skincare products, including their ingredients, benefits, and appropriate usage. Esthetician courses teach students about different skincare formulations, how they work, and how to select the right products for individual skin concerns.

5. Client Communication and Consultation Skills

Effective communication is crucial in the esthetics field. Esthetician courses teach students how to conduct client consultations, assess skin conditions, and discuss treatment options in a professional and empathetic manner. Strong communication skills help estheticians build trust with their clients and tailor services to meet their specific needs.

6. Continued Education and Advancement

The beauty and skincare industry is constantly evolving, with new products, technologies, and techniques emerging regularly. Esthetician courses provide a foundation for ongoing learning and professional development, enabling estheticians to stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in the field.

7. Career Opportunities

Completing esthetician courses opens up various career opportunities in the beauty and skincare industry. Estheticians can work in spas, salons, dermatology offices, resorts, cruise ships, and even start their own businesses. With the right training and experience, estheticians can pursue rewarding careers helping clients achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Esthetics courses

Esthetics courses are designed to equip aspiring professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the beauty industry. These courses focus on practical skills like facial treatments, body treatments and body care techniques while emphasizing professional standards for successful establishment. Students learn about skin physiology and current trends, ensuring they’re well-prepared to provide effective esthetic treatments. By mastering the fundamentals of skincare and understanding client needs through skin analysis, students are poised for rewarding careers in this dynamic field.

Beauty certificates

Beauty certificates are the expressway to success in the beauty industry. These programs focus on practical skills such as skincare, makeup, and nail artistry, ensuring quick entry into the job market.

Unlike traditional degrees, beauty certificates prioritize hands-on learning. With guidance from industry professionals, students gain the necessary skills for immediate employment.

Employers highly value beauty certificates, recognizing graduates’ expertise and dedication. Whether in salons, spas, or entertainment, these credentials open doors to diverse career opportunities.

Moreover, beauty certificates offer a swift and cost-effective path to career advancement. In a short time, students acquire the skills and recognition needed to excel in this competitive field.

In essence, beauty certificates provide a rapid career boost, offering practical skills and practical applications industry recognition for aspiring beauty professionals.

Esthetician courses - FAQ

Professional esthetics training can be provided by various institutions such as training centers, esthetics training institutes, or private schools.

Esthetics trainers are often experienced professionals in the field of beauty and cosmetics, such as estheticians, professional makeup artists, or skincare specialists.

To become an esthetician, you’ll need to undergo training in esthetics business at a specialized esthetics school. After receiving your certification, you can start working in an esthetic salon either as an employee or on your own. To keep up with advancements in the field, you’ll likely want to pursue continuing education and attend professional development workshops.

In Quebec, you will need to obtain certification from the Association des professionnels en électrolyse et soins esthétiques du Québec (APESEQ) to work as an esthetician. To do so, you must have completed training in aesthetics at a recognized school. Some vocational training centers offer esthetics training as well as private schools.

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The differences between esthetics relaxation massage and clinical therapeutic massage performed by Registered Massage Therapists is discussed.

Program Length: 4 Semesters Program Code: 9153 Credential: Diploma Program Level: Post-Secondary Program Type: Regular Language: English Entry Level: Semester 1 Highly Competitive: No Program Status: Open Esthetician (1496) Conestoga | Campus: Kitchener–Doon | Full Time | May 2024 | Open | Website If you are interested in working in a fast-paced, customer-oriented and diverse esthetics environment, then the Esthetician program is for you.

Program Code9153 SchoolSchool of Community and Health Studies CredentialOntario College Diploma Program TypePost-secondary program Program Length2 years/ 4 semesters Start DateFall LocationMorningside Campus Telephone 416-289-5000, ext. 58068 Technology Requirements Program Overview Courses Career Options and Education Pathways Admission Requirements How to Apply Tuition and Fees Technology Requirements Program Vocational Learning Outcomes Medical Esthetic Laser Practitioner Advising Censation Esthetics Student Clinic Medical Esthetic Practitioner Centennial College’s Esthetician program is the only undertaking of its sort in Toronto to offer both clinic and placement components.

In this practicum, students will perform introductory esthetics techniques on clients and participate in the Spa Manager role of an esthetics business.

Small class sizes ensure you will get the individual attention from faculty to build your skills to the level required in the spa industry.

Skin cancers, breast health, and aromatherapy are a few of the topics covered.

Program Length: 3 Semesters Program Code: 1103X04F Credential: Diploma Program Level: Post-Secondary Program Type: Accelerated Language: English Entry Level: Semester 1 Highly Competitive: No Program Status: Open Esthetician (Accelerated) (1103X04F) Algonquin | Campus: Ottawa | Full Time | Jan 2025 | Open | Website Start your wellness career within one year.

Through hands on learning, theoretical knowledge will be transferred into the practical labs for students to carry out full skin analysis to determine skin type, conditions, being able to distinguish between skin disorders and diseases, to safely perform a variety of facials to accommodate client’s needs.

Manicure (COSM 3) To maximize skin care results, advanced knowledge of skin conditions, specialized products, and machine therapy is required.