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IBD ACADEMY: Your top choice for personalized esthetics training and premium education in Ottawa.

At IBD Academy, you will be guided through your esthetics training journey by providing supplementary courses tailored to help you cultivate vital skills and gain the essential knowledge needed to excel as an esthetician.

Their courses and workshops, led by industry professionals, will provide you with cutting-edge techniques and best practices. Through these programs, you’ll become proficient in using specialized products, understand safety protocols in esthetics, and enhance your treatment execution skills.

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Waxing courses

Waxing is one of the most sought-after services in the beauty industry. A waxing courses will equip you with the knowledge of various skin and hair types to use the most suitable waxing technique, hair removal methods and products.

At IBD Academy, professional waxer offer three choices of wax removal courses tailored to meet your needs:

1- Waxing hair removal course

The waxing certification will provide you with the knowledge to perform comfortable and safe hair removal for all body waxing areas. You will explore various choices of wax removal and their respective benefits. Additionally, you will receive 3 practical training sessions to refine your techniques.

The course duration is 4 days and concludes with both theoretical and practical wax removal services examinations.

Inclusions: educational materials (a theoretical manual) and a student waxing kit.

Waxing courses
Sugar hair removal

2- Sugar Hair Removal Training Course

This advanced 1-day training is designed for those already trained in waxing who wish to expand their skill set. You’ll learn the art of sugaring, a gentle alternative for facial waxing and body safe hair removal.

Inclusions: theoretical manual and professional sugar hair removal kit.

2- Formation épilation au sucre

D’une durée de 1 jour, cette formation avancée s’adresse à toi si tu es déjà formée en épilation à la cire et que tu souhaites ajouter une corde à ton arc. Tu apprendras l’art du sugaring, une alternative douce à la cire pour épiler les poils du visage et du corps. 

Inclusions : un manuel théorique et un kit professionnel d’épilation au sucre.

Épilation au sucre atelier de perfectionnement

3- Brazilian Waxing shop

Do you have experience in hair removal or wax removal services and hair removal techniques, and want to offer a specialized treatment? Sign up for the Brazilian Waxing Workshop! In just 1 day, you’ll learn to master waxing & hair removal  to expand your range of services.

Brasilian waxing


The Ability to Provide Compassionate and Professional Client Advice

Customer Service and Interpersonal Relationship Building in a Professional Context

Administrative Tasks for Health-related Businesses

Active Listening


To pursue a career as an esthetician and provide aesthetic treatments, it’s essential to develop not only technical but also personal and professional skills, as mentioned above.

You’ll also need to stay updated by attending continuing education courses to keep up with the evolving industry and ensure you always offer the best beauty treatments to your clientele. You should take an interest in trends in aesthetic treatments as well as cosmetic products.

Esthetician Professional Training: How to Become an Esthetician?

Are you looking to pursue a career in esthetics and work in beauty salons or start your own business? It’s a vast field! From facials to waxing, you’ll have the opportunity to offer a wide variety of treatments! But for that, you’ll need to master a variety of techniques and, most importantly, be familiar with cosmetic products as well as the basics concerning the health of your future clients, such as hygiene and safety rules! The first step is obviously to look into esthetic training programs.

Training Center, Esthetics School

Training programs may vary, but they are important to ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to practice your profession safely. A diploma is also a mark of credibility.

You can start by completing a Vocational Diploma (DEP) in esthetics at a professional training center or by taking a comprehensive government-accredited training program. Professional studies will be accessible to you after completing secondary education.

Once you have your diploma, it is advisable to continue your education by attending various optional workshops for further development, such as those offered by IBD Academy.

Esthetics Training - FAQ

Esthetics professional training can be provided by various institutions such as training centers, esthetics institutes, or private schools. Esthetics trainers are often experienced professionals in the beauty and cosmetics field, such as estheticians, professional makeup artists, or skincare specialists.

To become an esthetician, you will need to undergo esthetics training at a specialized esthetics school. After obtaining your certification, you can start working in an esthetic salon either as an employee or on your own. To keep up with advancements in the field, you will likely want to pursue continuing education in addition to attending workshops for further skill development.

In Quebec, you will need to obtain certification from the Association of Professionals in Electrolysis and Esthetic Care of Quebec (APESEQ) to work as an esthetician. To do so, you must have completed esthetics training at a recognized school. Some vocational training centers offer esthetics training as well as private schools.

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